Date(s) - 10/07/2017
8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wolf Run Trail (WI Heights High School), Mazomanie WI

Like to be active? We have the perfect event for you. The Wisconsin Heights FFA Alumni is hosting its first 5K run/walk, during the Wisconsin Heights Homecoming.​

Why you ask? A 5K is an event that promotes health, but also brings the community together. Throughout the summer months, 5Ks are seen everywhere and each 5K is different. For example: the Color Run consists of running through paint, the Bubble Run hasbubble checkpoints full of colored bubbles, the Warrior Dash consists of running through mud and doing physically exhausting obstacles, and the Glow Run takes place at night.These are just some of the different types of 5Ks that are put on in the surrounding Wisconsin Heights area. The one thing that each 5K has in common is it brings people and communities together. The Wisconsin Heights FFA Alumni would like to host a homecoming 5K for the Wisconsin Heights School District and the surrounding area.

Why homecoming week? Homecoming is a time for students, past and present, to celebrate their school. For present students, homecoming is all about powderpuff football, boy’s volleyball, class skits, homecoming parade, spirit week, pep rally, boy’s football game, and probably the most popular event with the high school students: the homecoming dance. For alumni, homecoming is all about coming back to your hometown, seeing high school friends, and reminiscing about the memories from their high school days. Our thought? If we have this many alumni coming back to support the school, lets bring past and present students together for one big dash home!

​More details and the registration form can be found here